logo_02hq (44K) Emergency Suppression Systems, Inc.

Professional Fire Suppression Systems for Auto and Marine Racing, Passenger Cars and Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, or wherever the need for Emergency Fire Suppression exists.

Proudly SFI 17.1 Certified

We manufacture an improved, user friendly and environmentally safe, non-pressurized fire suppression system which utilizes AFFF as its' suppression agent and powered by CO2 as a discharge agent. Our systems have been designed for use in automobile racing, but have other applications in boating and recreational vehicles.

Our Mission

To become the dominant manufacturer of AFFF suppression systems in the U.S. for racing, boating, and recreational vehicle applications. To provide to the public an environmentally safe, user friendly, non pre-pressurized alternative in fire suppression for their recreational safety and security.

Company Profile

Emergency Suppression Systems, Inc. was established in 2004 to fill a gap in the fire suppression industry and bring to market a reliable, up-to-date, innovative, and flexible system for racing, boating, and recreational vehicles. We are presenting improved nozzle and system designs, flexible applications, improved coverage areas, and comprehensive instructions together with new applications for this great basic design.

Samuel McLane, President

Sam attended East Tennessee State University where he was active in several athlethic programs, and attended Business and Engineering classes. His interest and training in engineering and machining has led him to become an innovative designer and the holder of multiple patents. He is a master machinist and the founder of Accurate Machining and Design, Inc. of Oak Ridge, TN. Sam has also had an interest in racing that led him to becoming a driver of stock cars for some years. Sam is one of the holders of the ESS Fire system patent and was the innovator of the system that we have today.

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