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Professional Fire Suppression Systems for Auto and Marine Racing, Passenger Cars and Trucks, Motorhomes, Trailers, or wherever the need for Emergency Fire Suppression exists.

Proudly SFI 17.1 Certified

ESS is proud to have recently been certified as meeting SFI spec 17.1. We intend to continue to provide the best possible system to the racer in either the pro or the amateur arena. In keeping with the terms of meeting those requirements and our agreement with the SFI Foundation, the following processes will be followed:

  1. All 17.1 tagged systems will be filled and sealed in the service center prior to shipping.
  2. Field recharging can only be performed by a certified service center or certified personnel.
  3. A new foil label will be signed, dated, and applied to the manifold head to prevent tampering.

Non-SFI certified ESS systems will still be available and will continue to be shipped empty. These systems may be re-charged in the field by the owner using the ESS recharge kit of the appropriate size for the system.

All of our systems utilize the best materials and assemblies available to provide you with a system that can protect you and your vehicle to the highest degree possible.

If you have any questions you may call 800-709-4377 or send questions via the Feedback form here.

To learn how the certification process is handled, click here.

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