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Proudly SFI 17.1 Certified

Thank you for choosing an ESS fire suppression system. This letter will explain how certification and re-certification is handled. Your 5.0 liter system has a tamper proof foil label on the cylinder that list the date that the system was filled and certified, the initials of the certifying technician, and the date that it will be due for re-certification. We have applied a due date 2 years from the time of filling for re-certification.

All SFI 17.1 systems will have this label applied on the manifold head after filling at your authorized service center to prevent tampering.

To obtain re-certification or re-charging, contact:
ESS, Tom Turner at 800-709-4ESS (800-709-4377)

Removal from the vehicle:

  1. Loosen the tubing from the manifold (head) leaving the fittings on the manifold in place.
  2. Remove the CO2 cartridge.
  3. Slacken the pull cable from the mounting bracket.
  4. Remove the pull cable wire from the inflator.
  5. Replace the CO2 cartridge back into the inflator.
  6. Slacken the t-bolt brackets so the cylinder can be removed.
  7. Remove the cylinder from the vehicle.
  8. Remove the manifold and dump out the liquid contents (this is 94% water and is 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic).
  9. Replace the manifold on the cylinder.
  10. Carefully package the cylinder in a manner that will prevent damage.
  11. Mail or Express the package to the address given by your contact above.

The turn around is usually same day, worse case is two working days maximum after receipt (for shipping) if there are no major replacements needed. The re-certified cylinder will be returned via UPS or FED EX Overnight shipping is available at an extra cost.

Re-certification will consist of:

  • System tear down
  • Removal and inspection of the inflator
  • Verification that the inflator pin can be fully extended (replace if not)
  • Inspect the cylinder inside and out for damage, dents, or signs of impact (any damage to the cylinder will require the replacement of the cylinder)
  • Water submersion, high pressure testing of the cylinder
  • Removal and inspection of the pick up
  • Removal and inspection of the manifold O-ring
  • Flush and rinse the cylinder, dip tube and fittings
  • Re-assemble the manifold with a new fracture seal
  • Re-assemble the inflator with new rubber seals
  • Re-verify the inflator pin extension
  • Recharge with agent
  • Re-install the CO2 or replace with new cartridge
  • Application of a new certification sticker on the cylinder

Trackside re-certification may be available in some cases. Contact ESS above for availability.

Re-installation: Re-installation of the cylinder should follow the reverse order of the above instructions.

Note: The CO2 cartridge must be removed before attaching the pull cable to avoid accidental firing.

Recharging: Recharging will follow the same process used in re-certification. The new certification label will reflect the extended date (2 years).

COST of either procedure: $140 including return shipping. Send the empty cylinder with a check for the service to the service center you are directed to.

If you have any questions you may call 800-709-4377 or send questions via the Feedback form here.

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